So Joey and I have been quietly working on this for several months now, and I was gonna hold off on posting it until Vivzie had finished her animation, but Joey sent me back the version with his letters, and the combined result is too awesome to sit on any longer.  So here it is. :)

Jiji the Party Werewolf is © Vivienne Medrano. If folks want to throw $ at her to see the project finished, she has a Patreon now.

2D animation was once my major for a while back in the ’90s, and I should have stuck it out but didn’t because I was too afraid to take real creative risks back then. So when I can, I try to support the folks who are keeping 2D alive now. :)

SHIIIIIIII- This could be like a poster! I want it!! Seriously wicked, I love how you drew her, and the typography mmmmmm yesssssssir!! I seriously adore all the colors and things going on, this looks so crazy good and really fits with all the details and such!! Seriously, Thank you guys SO Soooo Much! <33

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